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In 2003 Ghosts of Griffintown was finally completed and for a few years after it had two broadcasts on CFCF and about seventeen screenings in the community.

During the five years of production so many pictures were generously loaned to me for inclusion in the documentary that I produced a coffee table book as well. The third edition just recently went out of print but there is a way to get a copy nonetheless.

An electronic copy (.pdf) of 20th Century Griffintown in Pictures is available for $10. If you buy the Ghosts of Griffintown DVD, the pdf file of the book will be sent to you for free. The DVD is $30 (plus $3 postage). You can send me a cheque or pick it up in Lachine. I will email you the address.

My name is Richard Burman. I am available as a guest speaker. I can do a slide presentation and share some of the background stories or do a screening with either the 47 or 62 minute documentary.
You can contact me at 514-634-2155 or

Your purchase gives you a great souvenir and supports a filmmaker who had the timely opportunity and privilege to capture a neighbourhood of great fascination, character and historical significance,


"Congratulations on 'Ghosts of Griffintown'. We applaud your excellence and your persistence"
Lynn Doyle and the Cine Gael Committee

"What he may not realize is that you don't have to be from the area, or even from Montreal, to be moved by the loving portrait he has created."
Janice Kennedy of The Ottawa Citizen

"This film well documents the heart of Griffintown ... this film is worth seeing"

Flora-Lee Wagner of the Westmount Historical Association

"Most striking about this social history is the incredible sense of community, which Burman captures brilliantly in interviews with several former residents. It is at once nostalgic and realistic."
Kathleen Coughlin Dunn of the Montreal Catholic Times

"I attended your Ottawa showing and was much impressed. A great initiative."

Edward Diazzo of South Mountain , Ontario

"It was great. It's not often that you get to both laugh and cry in the same documentary"

Louis Menard of Montreal, Quebec